Al Trono di Attila


June 29, 2014 by Lisa

I love love love this place on the island of Torcello. We first ate here in 1998, our very first trip to Italy. We had no idea what was going on or what to order for lunch. After smelling the food that the four old Italian men in the corner were enjoying, we asked our waiter what it was. This was all the permission he needed to bring us plates of everything they were enjoying. We happily feasted and felt very welcome.

On this trip I’ve eaten lunch there twice. It’s an effort to get there, about a 45-minute boat ride, but the island is small and quiet, the food is delicious and the service is kind and welcoming.

One of the dishes I enjoyed recently was mozzarella with tomatoes. The extremely fragrant basil was less of a garnish and more of a declaration: I AM BASIL! For a brief moment, my head spun as I took a bite, wondering why basil never tastes like this at home. If it’s possible to get drunk on basil, then I did.

Did I mention the best gnocchi I’ve ever eaten in my life? What a meal.

IMG_3408 IMG_2233 IMG_2237



2 thoughts on “Al Trono di Attila

  1. You are making me soooooooo hungry!!! Glad you are enjoying your trip & adventures!

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